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Amanprana’s body and massage oil is 100% organic for natural body care.

Our skin has to process a lot in one day. Think of your shower gel, your body lotion and perfume. We usually do not think about the effect that these products have on our bodies. We think only of the effect on the outside and on that basis determine whether we are satisfied with it or not, but the skin is our largest organ. It plays a protective but also an absorbing role. It is generally assumed that body care products are partly absorbed by the body.

Amanprana’s philosophy about body care is:“Only apply products to your skin that you can eat.” With this in mind we are marketing five body oils for natural body care and massage. Each with its own unique biological properties.

Why choose Amanprana body and massage oil?

  • 100% organic body care
  • 100% organic body care
  • No unnecessary processing
  • Developed with respect for nature, animals and humans
  • No chemicals nor isolates
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

How do i use Amanprana body and massage oil?

After showering or bathing

Use the body oil after showering or bathing. Preferably on the still moist skin. Your skin will immediately feel noticeably softer. You can also first pat your skin dry and then immediately spread some of the body oil over your body. Give the body oil a moment to be absorbed into the skin. The delicious aromas will fill your day like natural perfume for some time, and your skin will feel wonderfully soft.

Take a bath or shower with it

Rub body oil into your skin before you take a bath or shower. The pores are opened by the heat. This gives the body oil the opportunity to properly do its cleansing work Your skin remains covered by the oil.

For a relaxing massage

Indulge your skin, body and feelings even more by massaging the body oil or get yourself a massage. Relax and enjoy the scent you have chosen and let yourself be carried away on the waves of relaxation and well-being.

43.69% sweet almond oil XB, 29.13% olive oil XB, 19.42% apricot kernel oil XB, 4.84% red palm oil XB, 2.92% Lavandula oil (Lavandin superSB, bergamotSB) X = extra virgin, S = essential oils, B = organic, control BE Integra. 50 ml

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