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Soul Kitchen's menu for catering - based on the philosophy of slow food

Conditions for catering orders:

 We advise ordering catering at least 72 hours before the booked date, as a booking with less than 72 hours for preparation is considered an express order and is charged +20% of the final price.
Orders above 150 lv. are delivered for free.
You can order from the following e-mail address: reservation@soulkitchen.bg
We prepare offers according to the individual demands of clients. We will get in touch with you to confirm your order!

For orders please call: +359 876 440 003
Small bites of delicious food


Canapes which have retained the qualities of the raw ingredients, from which they are made of and are served with finesse and elegance

Beetroot ravioli 35 g / piece.
2.30 BGN

Kohlrabi and cashew cream cheese with truffles – 3, 4

Sweet potato with a spicy nut cheese mouse / 45 г / piece.
3.80 BGN

Nut cheese „Cheese The Queen” with turmeric and asparagus

Bio herbal polenta / 35 г / piece.
2.00 BGN

Polenta with grilled courgette, rosemary and cherry tomatoes

Probiotic nut cheese bonbon / 20 г / 1 piece.
3.90 BGN

Nut cheese „Cheese The Queen” with dried blueberries and herbs - 3

Gluten free mini tacos / 40 г / piece.
3.20 BGN

Flax seed tacos with hummus, vibrant peppers, cumin and cauliflower - 4

Tai rolls / 30 г / piece.
3.40 BGN

Rice rolls with fresh carrots, avocado, peppers, ruccola, oak leaf with sesame sauce and white and black sesame seeds - 1, 2, 4

Fried bread with kvass canape / 40 g / piece.
2.80 BGN

Marinated dried tomato pesto, celery and pine nuts - 1, 3, 6

Bio tofu with teriyaki sauce / 30 g / piece.
2.50 BGN

Teriyaki sauce, marinated cucumbers, sesame seeds and daikon

Fried bread with kvass canape / 35 g / piece.
3.00 BGN

Fried bread with kvass, cashew cream cheese with herbs and artichoke - 1, 3, 4

Feta cheese with marinated cucumbers and dried tomatoes / 35 g / piece.
2.60 BGN

Feta cheese with marinated cucumbers and dried tomatoes - 3

Arancini wit artichoke / 45 g / piece.
2.60 BGN

Cashew mozzarella, fresh spinach and capers, on a canape of piquant cucumber - 3, 7

Our crunchy offers


Warm toasted bread slices with a tempting topping

Wholegrain bruschettas with kvass / 60 g / piece.
2.80 BGN

Bread with kvass, grilled courgettes, mushrooms, red pepper and rice mayonnaise - 1, 2, 4

Bruschettas with cherry tomatoes and truffle / 60 g / piece.
3.30 BGN

Wholegrain bread with kvass, cherry tomatoes, rice mayonnaise and truffle - 1,4

Bruschettas with grilled eggplant, artichoke and walnuts / 60 g / piece.
3.20 BGN

Wholegrain bread with kvass, grilled eggplant, artichoke and walnuts - 1, 3

Bruschettas with bnut cream cheese and courgettes / 60 g / piece.
3.20 BGN

Wholegrain bread with kvass, nut cream cheese, basil pesto, courgettes, cherry tomatoes and fennel - 1, 3

Temptations for connoisseurs

Muffins and filo pastries.

Imagine small creations of wholegrain flower, which challenge your senses and surpass you expectations. Sweet, savoury and delicate, with considered quality and value of food.

Mini muffins made out of spelt with olives / 45 g / piece.
2.30 BGN

Olives, marinated dried tomatoes и provencal herbs – 1, 3

Mini banicas with wholegrain filo sheets / 50 g / piece.
3.70 BGN

Spring onion, bio shiitake mushrooms, Chinese cabbage and cashew mozzarella – 1, 2, 3

A favourite taste downsized

Mini pizzas

Forget everything you know about pizza. You will have a taste of it’s wholesome and undoubtedly modern version, which corresponds to your understanding of healthy food.

Mini pizzas with bio shiitake mushrooms and broccoli / 70 g / piece.
3.60 BGN

Spelt base with garlic nut sauce, sesame seeds, red pepper and chilli – 1, 2, 3, 4

Mini pizzas with fresh spinach, mushrooms and dried tomatoes / 70 g / piece.
3.20 BGN

Spelt base with garlic nut sauce, cherry tomatoes and spring onions – 1, 3

*Minimum order amount of canapes is – 20 pieces per type

Baked in house by our chefs.

Bread and crackers

Soul Kitchen’s bread is usually made out of spelt and walnuts, but sometimes we add something extra for a welcomed surprize and delightfulness. Only here, you can order from your favourite vegetable crackers with cream. However, if you have a more traditional taste, the aromatic herbal rolls dashed with olive oil are the most suitable choice for you!

Raw crackers / 10 pieces
2.50 BGN

Carrot and sesame seed crackers - 1

* Possibility for spelt bread and herbal rolls order

Seasonal offers of the highest class

Appetisers and dips

We invite you to a culinary journey in Soul Kitchen’s world! Fresh appetisers with vegetables, seeds and sprouts, spiced with aromatic spices and a fitting nut sauce.

Tartar with vegetables and nut paste / 260 g
29.00 BGN

Asparagus, green pepper, kohlrabi, red shallots and rice mayonnaise - 3, 4

Artichoke dip / 300 g
14.00 BGN

Courgettes, spring onions, jalapenos and rice mayonnaise - 4

Hummus with smoked red pepper / 300 g
14.00 BGN

Chickpeas, wholegrain tahini, parsley, garlic and lemon - 4

Piquant dip / 300 г
14.00 BGN

Red pepper, Brazil nuts, cashew, garlic and hazelnuts - 3


The bruschettas in Soul Kitchen are made out of bread with kvass, baked and served with nut pesto, sprouts and vegetables.


The mini pizzas for catering are very convenient as finger food and exceptionally delicious. They are arranged with fresh or fermented vegetables.


Fresh, spicy or piquant – the dips are always an excellent choice. The appetisers in Soul Kitchen are seasonally tailored.


In the restaurant we маке einkorn bread with walnuts, vegetable bruschettas and herbal rolls. The choice is yours.

Vitamin rich selections

Cold buffet

Live and wholesome food, enriched with aromatic butters, herbs and sprouts. The fresh salads and raw ingredients are a greeting for health and prosperity.

Leaf salad with grilled pumpkin, feta cheese and pomegranate / 500 g
26.00 BGN

Baby spinach, oak leafs, iceberg salad and red onions

Avocado and beans / 500 g
23.00 BGN

Red and green peppers, cherry tomatoes, coriander, lime, hot chilli and red onions

Salad with conchiglia rigata pasta / 500 g
26.00 BGN

Cherry tomatoes, ruccola, olives, basil, mustard dressing and pine nuts - 1, 3, 4

Salad with Beluga lentils / 500 g
27.00 BGN

Olives, dried marinated tomatoes, baby spinach, red onions, cherry tomatoes and dressing

Salad with carrots, beetroot and kohlrabi / 500 g
21.00 BGN

Green apple, pumpkin seeds and lemon-mustard dressing with herbs - 3, 4

Tabouli salad with spelt / 500 g
23.00 BGN

Grilled fennel with mint, walnuts and pomegranate - 1, 3, 4

Leaf salad with quinoa / 500 g
28.00 BGN

Little gem salad with avocado, baby spinach, cucumbers, pumpkin seeds, spring onions and vinaigrette - 3

Tomato and avocado salad / 500 г
29.00 BGN

Rocket salad, cucumbers, red onion and olives

Satisfying and mesmerizing taste

Hot buffet/Salad selection

We cook sparingly with precision and lots of love. We offer finger food with light thermal manipulation and largely preserved nutritional values and taste qualities from the raw ingredients. The slow cooking is at the core of our strength and your health!

Sweet potato gratin / 700 g
39.00 BGN

Sweet potatoes, potatoes, shallots and coconut milk

Avocados and beans / 500 g
23.00 BGN

Red and green pepper, cherry tomatoes, coriander, lime, spicy pepper and red onions

Quinoa bruschettas with spinach / 1200 g
43.00 BGN

Quinoa, spinach, piquant nut sauce with chipotle - 3

Assorted vegetables with an Asian piquant sauce / 900 g
57.00 BGN

Asian piquant sauce, pea protein and emperor rice - 2, 3, 4

Pea protein burger / 900 g
52.00 BGN

Pea protein, mashed potatoes and spinach

Chickpea falafels / 1200 g
63.00 BGN

Broccoli, mushrooms, sweet potatoes and colourful peppers with a garlic nut with capers and dill - 3

Chilli sin carne / 1400 g
38.00 BGN

Red beans, colourful peppers, sunflower protein and tomatoes - 3

Piquant potatoes with artichoke / 1200 g
48.00 BGN

Artichoke, mushrooms, samardala, coconut milk, dried marinated tomatoes and leeks

Grilled herbal polenta with capers / 1200 g
46.00 BGN

Polenta, capers, dried marinated tomatoes and tomato sauce

Assorted vegetables / 1200 g
54.00 BGN

Broccoli, asparagus, fennel with pureed celery and thyme – 6

The other name of love

Desert foods

The chocolate is aromatic and full of flavour, the nuts are crunchy and organic, the sugar from sugarcanes and we use only natural sweeteners, which energise you delicately. Most importantly – everything, absolutely everything is made by us alone for you!

Mini spelt muffin with chocolate / 45 g
2.90 BGN

Allergens - 1,3

Handmade bonbons / 20 g
2.30 BGN
Scones / 30 g / piece.
2.70 BGN

Nuts and dates base with a cream of forest fruits - 3

Chocolate brownie with hazelnuts / 45 г
3.20 BGN

Allergens - 1,3

Chocolate scones / 30 g / piece.
2.70 BGN

Nuts and dates base with a peanut tahini cream, chocolate and almond milk - 3, 5

Scones / 30 g / piece.
2.70 BGN

Nuts and dates base with a chocolate cream and oranges - 3

*Minimum amount of desert food pieces per order –  15 pieces per type


Seasonal salads with additional fruits, sprouts and dressing


Warm plant-based small bites prepared with care and attention to detail.


Desert offers with chocolate, nuts, fruits and the inspiration of the chef!


Hot and cold non-alcoholic drinks – delicious and energising.

Coffee breaks

Hot and cold drinks

In Soul Kitchen we will make sure you get various and healthy offers for the breaks between seminars, meetings and conferences. You can count on us for every occasion where concentrated energy with excellent taste is needed.

The different names of freshness

Cold drinks

Fruit syrups / 500 ml
5.80 BGN

Blueberry, raspberry, sour cherry, strawberry, elderflower and quince

Fritz-kola / 330 ml
3.80 BGN

Orange, apple, cherry and elderflower, as well as melon, cola, cola-coffee, matte, grapes, lemon, mix and rhubarb

Vigo kombucha with acai berries / 330 ml
5.00 BGN
Vigo kombucha / 300 ml
5.50 BGN

Cucumber and coriander

Vigo kombucha / 300 ml
5.00 BGN

Barbados cherry and ginger

Fruit syrups / 1 l
10.80 BGN

Blueberry, raspberry, sour cherry, strawberry, elderflower and quince

Yoko Bio matcha green tea / 330 ml
5.00 BGN
Aromatic temptations

Hot drinks

Espresso / 40 ml
3.00 BGN
Latte coffee / 400 ml
5.00 BGN

With plant-based milk

Matcha-latte green tea / 400 ml
6.50 BGN

With plant-based milk

Beetroot latte / 400 ml
6.50 BGN
A jug of tea / 400 ml
5.00 BGN
Milk with cacao, vanilla and cinnamon / 250 ml
5.00 BGN
Cappuccino / 200 ml
4.50 BGN

With plant-based milk

Matcha tea / 300 ml
5.80 BGN
Tumeric latte / 400 ml
6.50 BGN

With plant-based milk

Ginger latte / 400 ml
6.50 BGN
Hot chocolate / 250 ml
5.40 BGN
The source of life


Mihalkovo / 300 ml
2.80 BGN

Carbonated mineral water

Lauretana / 1 l
5.00 BGN

Spring mineral water

Lauretana / 500 ml
3.50 BGN

Spring - mineral water

*For the coffee breaks we can also offer:

– A selection of seasonal fruits
– Savoury and sweet muffins 
– Handmade bonbons 
– Bruschettas and mini banicas 
– Scones

Possibility of making a personalised offer!

The perplexity of wholesome deserts

Whole cakes

In our ambition to uphold your expectations we have developed some proposals for cakes – raw, chocolate or fruit based, depending on your preferences and taste. We are sure that these will be the finest calories ever eaten!

Raw cake with forest fruits / 16 pieces
98.00 BGN

Raw nut, date and agave base with a cream of cashew and forest fruits - 3

Chocolate dream with strawberries and bananas / 16 pieces
98.00 BGN

Spelt base witch chocolate cream - 1, 3

Chocolate cake with molasses / 16 pieces
94.00 BGN

Wheat base, chocolate cream with cashew and molasses from dates - 1, 2, 3

Raspberry cake / 16 pieces
96.00 BGN

Spelt base, nut cream with raspberries - 1, 3

Cheesecake with homemade jam / 16 pieces
98.00 BGN

Allergens - 1, 3

Orange cake / 16 pieces
87.00 BGN

spelt base, orange-nut cream and cacao butter - 1, 3

Bolero cake / 16 pieces
86.00 BGN

Spelt base, chocolate cream with sour cherries and rum - 1, 3, 7

Raw chocolate cake / 16 pieces
94.00 BGN

Raw nuts, dates and agave base with a cashew cream, orange and chocolate - 3

Chocolate cake Extra Choco / 16 pieces
98.00 BGN

Raw nut, dates and agave base, chocolate cream with almond mild and peanut tahini - 3

Cake Day and Night / 16 pieces
98.00 BGN

Spelt base with cacao, coconut-nut cream and rum - 1, 3

Mascarpone, chocolate and strawberries
92.00 BGN

Spelt base and nut mascarpone with marsala wine - 1, 3, 7

Raffaello cake / 16 pieces
94.00 BGN

Spelt and almonds base, nut cream with coconut - 1, 3

Carrot cake / 16 pieces
93.00 BGN

Spelt base, nut cream with carrots, ginger, cinnamon and raisins - 1, 3

Tiramisu / 16 pieces
92.00 BGN

Spelt, coffee and Cointreau base with nut cream and cacao - 1, 3, 7


1. Cereals, containing gluten, with the exception of glucose syrup, dextrose, maltodextrins, ethyl alcohol, herbal rolls, spaghetti, penne, taliateli, cream and spelt

2. Soya and soya containing products, with the exception of fully refined soya butter, phytosterols and phytosterol esters – soy sauce, soy milk

3. Nuts and products made out of them: walnuts, pine nuts, Brazil nut, hazelnut, cashew cheese, cashew cream cheese, cashew sauce, cashew mozzarella, cashew yogurt.

4. Mustard seeeds and products containing them: mustard, sesame, sesame oil, tahini

5. Peanuts and products containing them: peanut tahini

6. Celery and products containing it: celery

7. Sulfur dioxide and sulfites with a concentration above 10 mg / l  – white wine

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