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Dear visitors,

of Soul Kitchen’s website – www.soulkitchen.bg

The information on this website represents the products and services soulkitchen.bg offers, the opportunities to work with us, as well as general information about “Soul Kitchen”Ltd.

“Soul Kitchen” Ltd. is an establishment, registered under the Bulgarian Republic trading law, with a headquarters and operations location at: Sofia, 1000, “Kokitche” Str. 13 and is listed in the trade and legal entities register with an identification number: 201837312, represented by Margarita Reinhold Sterk.

1. The following Terms and Conditions outline the relationship between “Soul Kitchen”ltd. (owner of the website soulkitchen.bg) and the users of of the website soulkitchen.bg (also referred to as “site”). These terms and conditions bind all users. By visiting the website soulkitchen.bg and using it’s services, the user agrees to and accepts to uphold these terms and conditions.

2. “Soul Kitchen” Ltd. retains it’s right to correct mistakes and/or update the contents of the site at anytime, without any notice, which includes changes to goods, services (including photography and culinary courses) and prices. These amendments will not affect passed and confirmed orders, which will be fulfilled under the terms and conditions, which were in place during the time of confirmation on those orders.

3. Information gathered by “Soul Kitchen” Ltd. during the use of soulkitchen.bg website will be used only for the stated purposes and in accordance to the applicable laws. “Soul Kitchen”Ltd. will not share information with third parties without the permission of the user. We do not share, trade with or make knowledgeable your personal information to third parties under any circumstances, except if forced with by a law or court order. Every registered user has the right to receive the online bulletin by “Soul Kitchen” Ltd., which contains news, promotions or games.

4. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, every user of soulkitchen.bg agrees to “Soul Kitchen” Ltd. using his/her personal data, which he/she has provided, to fulfil their order (of a product or service). The private data needed for the fulfilment of the order are: an email address, three names, delivery address and contact number.

5. “Soul Kitchen” Ltd. reserves its right, under its own judgement and at any time, to change, add or remove parts of these Terms and Conditions. The user has the responsibility to regularly check these Terms and Conditions, before using the website. A continued use of the website by the user after the implemented changes will mean that the user has acknowledged and accepted the changes of the Terms and Conditions. Depending on the execution of these Terms and Conditions and every modifications they include, “Soul Kitchen” Ltd. provides the user with a personal, nontransferable, exclusive, non sub-licenseable right to enter and use the website. “Soul Kitchen” Ltd. reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions at anytime, without prior announcement and its own discretion.

6. “Soul Kitchen” Ltd. cannot be held responsible for the websites and their contents, which are not part of the website www.soulkitchen.bg . “Soul Kitchen” Ltd. does not task itself with pursuing every website, which has ties to unlawful use of copyright, pornography, racism and any other contents forbidden by the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria. In case a user discovers such a violation he is obliged to report it to “Soul Kitchen” Ltd., so that the violator’s link can be removed as soon as possible.

7. Terms and Conditions for deliveries* made by “Soul Kitchen” Ltd., please keep in mind that:
– Deliveries are made Monday until Friday, from 12:00 until 21:00
– A delivery can take an hour, hour and a half, depending on how busy the kitchen is and the traffic conditions in the city.
– The price of deliveries vary depending on the zone of the delivery.
– The minimum sum for delivery is 20.00 leva.
– Free delivery for orders over 100.00 leva
* Please visit the DELIVERIES page for more information

8. Terms and Conditions for ordering catering from “Soul Kitchen” Ltd.:
The placement of the order for catering should be made at least 72 hours before it is due (any orders under 72 hours will be considered as express orders and charged an additional +20% of the whole order)

9. Responsibilities

9.1. “Soul Kitchen” Ltd. does not bear responsibility for possible accidental gaps associated with the information on the website not being up-to-date; it does not bear responsibility with consequences, possible harms, caused by or in any way associated with the access and use of this website; it does not bear responsibility for the inviolability of the information on the website by computer viruses or other forms of threats. The presented information on the website is in accordance with the active laws. The use of the information presented in this website by the user is voluntary and out of their own initiative.

9.2. “Soul Kitchen” Ltd. does not bear responsibility for the integrity, validity and completeness of the information presented in the sites linked through hyperlinks.

9.3. “Soul Kitchen” Ltd. does not bear responsibility for potential harms caused by the user using the website.

9.4. “Soul Kitchen” Ltd. does not guarantee a constant and trouble free access to the domain soulkitchen.bg

9.5. “Soul Kitchen” Ltd. does not bear responsibility for a items going out of stock suddenly.

9.6. “Soul Kitchen” Ltd. does not bear responsibility for delays or cancellations of it’s commitments due to circumstances outside of the control of the company.

9.7. “Soul Kitchen” Ltd. commits to upholding the agreements with the user with the owed care.

10. The selling of products and services is regulated by the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria. For additional questions the user can contact “Soul Kitchen” Ltd. through the email address: office@soulkitchen.bg .

11. Every user, who has subscribed to our bulletin, can cancel the subscription at anytime. The cancellation can be done by opening the link at the bottom of the bulletin / in the footer information of the bulletin: “unsubscribe me from this list”. The data collected during the registration process will be deleted from our data base within 1 business day from the requested cancellation.

Contact details for the commission for customer protection:


Address: Sofia city, Post code: 1000, “Slaveikov”square №4А, 3rd, 4th and 6th stock

Tel.: 02/9330565

Fax: 02/9884218


Last altered: May 2020

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